You Choose the Price

There are sometimes things that God puts in my life that I don't know why they are there. This may be an illness, a difficult person, or in my case, a blessing that I don't know what to do with.

Nine months ago, my wife and I purchased The Tabernacle Place and the remaining tabernacle model kits. We had never run an online business and so the learning curve was steep. All this to say, in the deal where we purchased The Tabernacle Place was included 1,000+ visual aid packets. They are these 3D pop out laminated visual aids that help teach the story of the creation to the cross. Initially, I sat down and wrote out 15 lessons that would go with the pop out visual aids to help teach a Biblical worldview. It started out with high hopes, but nine months later, after selling not one, I am asking God, "I know that you do all things on purpose, but why did you give us all of these visual aid packets? Where do you want them to go, because they aren't doing any good in our garage?"

So, my offer to you, dear reader, is this: 1) Check out the visual aid packets that we offer on our shop page, and then 2) If you want any - you would have to pay for shipping - tell me what you want them for, and if my wife and I agree, we will ship them to you for the price that you choose. If you have no money beyond the money for shipping, tell us what your thinking. We just don't want to stand in God's way of using these resources.

These pop out visual aids could be used in church, school classrooms, Sunday school, Bibles studies or one on one. For the price were offering (whatever price you decide) you could purchase one for each kid in the classroom and give really cool hands on lessons as the children work through the Bible.

My email is God may what you want to be done be done.

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