Tabernacle 101

What we talk about has a lot to say about what we care about. Have you ever been reading through the Bible in a year, and come across the plethora of chapters at the end of Exodus that talk about the tabernacle? There are a lot of them. And it is easy for me to start skimming the page... but God had an incredible purpose for this tent that He designed, and its ability to teach hearers about the way that a sinful man can be made right with a holy God, and its symbolism that foreshadows the Messiah is incredible.

This week, we take a look at the basics of the tent. See it like an introductory class in college. We'll start with an overview of where the building of the tabernacle fits in the over all story line of the Bible. This video is created by The Bible Project, and if you have never seen their material before, I highly recommend it as helpful way of understanding scripture. You can check out more of their videos here:

Now that we have a bearing of where we are in the story, let's dig deeper into the tabernacle itself. Remember that we are in a 101 class, so we will keep things brief, but we'll continue next week with that.

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